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  • Kate Crabtree is an award winning Maine wedding photographer who creates evocative and timeless wedding photography for couples who would like their own personal love story to be told authentically. Although she is located in Bangor, Maine (central Maine), she happily travels to coastal and southern Maine, and throughout New England to capture unique wedding photos and engagement portraits. She has been featured on Style Me Pretty and published in Maine Magazine and Real Maine Weddings.

St John Virgin Islands Photography | Winter Vacation

Winter this year has been cruel, what with the neverending snow and chilly temperatures, so I eagerly awaited our February vacation to St. John in the Virgin Islands.  It couldn’t come soon enough.  And unfortunately, during a week in which Maine experienced several snowstorms and airlines cancelled thousands of flights, we found our flight was axed and the only way to get out of New England was to switch airports and to wait two days, at a time when, surprise surprise, another snowstorm was due to hit.

If you can imagine, we were not happy campers.  We had lost a large part of our vacation to the weather that had mercilessly beaten us down for months, and it felt like a cosmic joke.  But, before we knew it, we left Maine (the snowstorm thankfully waited to hit our state later in the day), and when we were greeted by St. John’s gorgeous aqua waters, big skies, and the quiet, relaxed pace of life that islanders live, the past few days of stress just melted away.  In fact, our vacation felt more precious, as we didn’t have time to lose, so we spent our time at gorgeous beaches, watched the sun slowly set and rise, and we gradually slowed down to match the mercurial pace of the island.

I’m pretty certain every relationship needs a St. John vacation.  I’ll be back.  I have a new dream– to photograph either a portrait session or a wedding here.  Does anyone want to take me?

Here are a few photos from our vacation.  Any of me were taken by Tony.  Enjoy (and plan your own escape if you can’t stand the snow and cold anymore)!

st-john-photographer (1)scenic-st-john-photography (1)

flowers-in-st-john-virgin-islands (1)coral-bay-st-john-photos (2)st-john-photographer (2)flowers-in-the-virgin-islands-photography (1)virgin-islands-photography (4)

st-john-photographer (3)flowers-in-the-virgin-islands-photography (3)

scenic-st-john-photography (3)flowers-in-the-virgin-islands-photography (2)

virgin-islands-photography (1)st-john-virgin-islands-photography (1)

st-john-virgin-islands-photography (4)portraits-in-st-john-virgin-islands (1)photography-in-st-john-virgin-islands (4)portrait-photography-in-st-john-virgin-islands (2)photography-in-st-john (1)portraits-in-st-john-virgin-islands (2)photography-in-st-john (3)photography-in-st-john (2)portrait-photography-in-st-john-virgin-islands (3)photography-in-st-john-virgin-islands (1)portrait-photography-in-st-john-virgin-islands (1)virgin-islands-photography (3)photography-in-st-john-virgin-islands (2)photography-in-st-john-virgin-islands (3)cruz-bay-st-john-photos (2)st-john-virgin-islands-photography (2)

Kristina - Ahhhh so amazing!!! So happy you guys had a wonderful time – love love love these images!


Portraits in Orono Maine | Brie

Winter is always quiet, as most of my clients prefer to do their engagement and portrait sessions during the other three seasons (although, let me tell you– a backdrop of fluffy white snow makes for gorgeous portraits!).  I spend most of the snowy season in front of my computer and chatting with prospective and current clients about their weddings, but I find that I very quickly begin to miss the act of creation.  To beat the winter blues, I met up with Brie at a local greenhouse and enjoyed the reminder that spring is just around the corner.  Think warm thoughts with me, friends!

photographer-in-bangor-maine-brie (1)

photographer-in-bangor-maine-brie (3)maine-beauty-photographer-brie (1)

photographer-in-bangor-maine-brie (20)

portraits-in-bangor-maine-brie (1)

beauty-photographers-in-maine-brie (2)portraits-in-bangor-maine-brie (2)portraits-in-bangor-maine-brie (3)