Kerri & John’s Wolf Cove Inn Wedding

I photograph weddings of all sizes- while some of my weddings are as large as 250 guests, others (like this one) are much more intimate- in fact, Kerri and John's wedding, at Wolf Cove Inn, featured only their parents as guests. There's something delightfully intimate about small weddings- when the guest list is that paired down, it's evident that every person present has a deep love and affection for the couple, and that was clearly the case at Kerri and John's wedding.  There was a sign in Kerri's cabin that defined the wedding to a T (which you can see in one of the first photos of this blog post)- everyone relaxed in the sun, lounging in Adirondack chairs after the ceremony happened, enjoying the warmth and good feelings, and created new memories as a newly formed extended family.  My favorite moment, after sharing dinner with Kerri, John, and their parents, was when they decided last minute to have a first dance.  A song was chosen and the pair melted into each other with a lot of feeling.  It made my heart feel warm.

Special thanks to Louise Martino of Faces Boston by Louise and Colleen Griffin of Aphrodite Salon for their awesome makeup/hair skills.

Here are a few of my favorites from their day- enjoy!

maine-wedding-at-wolf-cove-inn-kj (1)
maine-lakeside-wedding-kj (2)
weddings-at-wolf-cove-inn-kj (1)
weddings-at-wolf-cove-inn-kj (2)
weddings-at-wolf-cove-inn-kj (3)
weddings-at-wolf-cove-inn-kj (4)
candid-maine-wedding-photographer-kj (1)
maine-lake-wedding-kj (1)
maine-lake-wedding-kj (2)
maine-wedding-at-wolf-cove-inn-kj (2)
maine-wedding-at-wolf-cove-inn-kj (3)
maine-lakeside-wedding-kj (3)
maine-wedding-at-wolf-cove-inn-kj (4)
maine-wedding-at-wolf-cove-inn-kj (5)
maine-lakeside-wedding-kj (4)
weddings-at-wolf-cove-inn-kj (5)
maine-lakeside-wedding-kj (5)
candid-maine-wedding-photographer-kj (2)
maine-lake-wedding-kj (4)
western-maine-wedding-photographer-kj (1)
candid-maine-wedding-photographer-kj (3)
maine-lake-wedding-kj (5)
maine-lake-wedding-kj (6)
western-maine-wedding-photographer-kj (2)
western-maine-wedding-photographer-kj (3)
western-maine-wedding-photographer-kj (5)
maine-lakeside-wedding-kj (6)
candid-maine-wedding-photographer-kj (4)
candid-maine-wedding-photographer-kj (5)


Venue: Wolf Cove Inn
Photographer: Kate Crabtree
Hair: Colleen, Aphrodite Salon
Makeup: Faces Boston by Louise
Dress: David's Bridal
Suit: Men's Warehouse

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