ShootStyle Silhouette Assignment Series

In March, I had an urge to take a photo of a woman in a field with a big, round balloon.  You know, not an ordinary balloon-- the spherical balloons that are three feet in diameter.  If you haven't seen them before, I can tell you that they're really awesome.  Anyway, I contacted my friend, Erin, and asked if she'd pose for me, and luckily she said yes.  Unfortunately, the ground was still frozen, and then it snowed AGAIN, and then the snow melted and the ground was too marshy, but finally--finally! May arrived and the time was right.  We went out to my field of choice, she held up the balloon, and it covered the sun in such a perfect way.  When she reached up to steady the balloon from flying around, I knew I had the shot.

It's one of my favorite portraits I've ever taken.  Today it was awarded second place in the ShootStyle Silhouette Assignment Series.

Thanks, Erin, for being awesome.

(You should check out the other photos that were submitted to the assignment series-- there are so many amazing photos!)

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