Private Residence Wedding in Blue Hill, Maine | Nicole & Ted

Nicole and Ted were married on a brisk day in Blue Hill, and while it may have been a bit chilly (heat lamps were used to keep the cocktail hour feeling a bit more cozy!) everyone came together to make the wedding day feel warm, comfortable, and loving.  What a sweet wedding this was... I'll share more as the blog post progresses!

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Nicole got ready with her ladies, which included several adorable flower girls.

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As a random aside, Nicole's maid of honor and sister, Michelle, will be getting married next year and I'll be photographing her Bar Harbor Club wedding!  Can't wait to spend time with this family again next year!

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Meanwhile, the guys got ready in the main house, and I quickly stepped out to take a few photos of the boutonniere pinning!

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I'm always thrilled to find wedding details found throughout the house, like Nicole and Ted's wedding invitation!  What a fun find!

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I came back to photograph Nicole getting dressed with Michelle's expert help.

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Everyone gathered outside for the ceremony, and after everyone walked down the aisle, Ted looked around, waiting for his fiancee, who was taking her time..

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Surprise!   Nicole, her dad, and step-father were making the best entrance of all via boat!

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It may have been a bit chilly, but it was a gorgeous location for a ceremony, and Adam Babbitt did a wonderful job officiating the ceremony.

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Gorgeous bouquets by Fairwinds Florist!

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We took a few quick portraits in the cold, then returned to cocktail hour with the awesome heat lamps.  Steve Orlofsky and his jazz trio played during cocktail hour and provided excellent background music.

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After cocktail hour, we retired to the Blue Hill Country Club right down the road for dinner, speeches, and dancing.

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Nicole looked gorgeous even when wiping away an errant tear!

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What an lovely, emotional wedding!  I loved capturing your wedding day and can't wait to see the two of you again next year!


Ceremony: Private Residence
Reception Venue: Blue Hill Country Club
Photographer: Kate Crabtree Photography
Officiant: Adam J Babbitt 
Caterer: Diane Bianco
Florist: Fairwinds Florist
Wedding Dress: J Crew
Suits: J Crew, Calvin Klein
Makeup: David Aikman
Stationary: Crane
DJ: Lazer-Trax DJ Service 
Ceremony/Cocktail Hour Musician: Steve Orlofsky
Wedding Rentals: Wallace 

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