Julienne and Bill’s Primo Wedding, Rockland Maine

During the 4th of July weekend I was fortunate enough to spend the weekend with Julienne, Bill, and their intimate group of friends and family as the pair of them tied the knot in Maine.  Their weekend started with a beautiful al fresco dining experience at the Rockport Marine Park, where the kids and adults played cornhole and enjoyed the beautiful view, only mere feet away from where they feasted on lobster, steak, and blueberry pie (so Maine!) by Bar Harbor Catering Company.  In the morning, Julienne prepared for the day in Camden, with Julienne's parents and Bill's daughters, who couldn't keep their eyes off of Julienne's transformation process.  After their first look on the rustic and charming Primo Restaurant property, Julienne, Bill, and the kids headed to the Vesper Hill Children's Chapel- a quaint, small, open air chapel- where the pair exchanged vows.  We finally returned back to Primo, where guests enjoyed the farm (there are adorable and smelly pigs!) and some of the most mouthwatering food I've ever had at a wedding.  Julienne had requested the chef build the menu, and that was clearly the right choice, because I still can't stop thinking about what I ate, and I believe they, along with their guests, felt the exact same way.  And, of course, I'd be amiss to not mention Amber Small of Sweetest Thing Weddings, who not only planned and designed their rehearsal and wedding beautifully, but also put together some lovely floral arrangements.

There's nothing lovelier than a small destination wedding where every single person matters and adds to the celebration- there were so many lovely moments that felt so intimate and were a joy to photograph.  Thank you for including me, Julienne and Bill- here are a few of my favorite photos from your rehearsal and wedding day.  Enjoy!

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rockport-marina-maine-wedding-jb (3)
rockport-marina-maine-wedding-jb (4)
rockport-marina-maine-wedding-jb (2)
rockport-marina-maine-wedding-jb (5)
rockport-marina-maine-wedding-jb (6)
rockport-marina-maine-wedding-jb (7)
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camden-maine-wedding-photos-jb (2)
camden-maine-wedding-photos-jb (1)
camden-maine-wedding-photos-jb (3)
camden-maine-wedding-photos-jb (4)
primo-wedding-rockland-maine-jb (2)
primo-wedding-rockland-maine-jb (3)
maine-documentary-wedding-photography-jb (4)
childrens-chapel-maine-wedding-photography-jb (1)
childrens-chapel-maine-wedding-photography-jb (2)
childrens-chapel-maine-wedding-photography-jb (3)
vesper-hill-childrens-chapel-wedding-photos-jb (1)
childrens-chapel-maine-wedding-photography-jb (4)
vesper-hill-childrens-chapel-wedding-photos-jb (2)
weddings-at-vesper-hill-childrens-chapel-jb (1)
candid-maine-wedding-photography-jb (2)
vesper-hill-childrens-chapel-wedding-photos-jb (3)
weddings-at-vesper-hill-childrens-chapel-jb (2)
maine-documentary-wedding-photography-jb (5)
sweetest-thing-weddings-photos-jb (2)
maine-documentary-wedding-photography-jb (2)
primo-restaurant-wedding-rockland-maine-jb (1)
primo-restaurant-wedding-rockland-maine-jb (2)
maine-documentary-wedding-photography-jb (3)
maine-documentary-wedding-photography-jb (6)
primo-wedding-rockland-maine-jb (4)
primo-wedding-rockland-maine-jb (5)
primo-wedding-rockland-maine-jb (6)
primo-restaurant-wedding-rockland-maine-jb (3)
primo-restaurant-wedding-rockland-maine-jb (4)
candid-maine-wedding-photography-jb (1)
primo-wedding-rockland-maine-jb (7)


Ceremony venue: Vesper Hill Children's Chapel
Reception venue: Primo Restaurant
Wedding planner: Amber Small, Sweetest Thing Weddings
Photographer: Kate Crabtree
Caterer, Cake: Primo
Florist: Amber Small, Sweetest Thing Weddings
Makeup/hair: Gina Leonard
Ceremony music: Ira Kramer
Rentals: Wallace Events
Lighting: The Event Light Pros
Dress Shop: Maiden Voyage Bridal
Dress: Lazaro
Suits: Hugo Boss, Mens Wearhouse

Caterer: Bar Harbor Catering Company
Venue: Rockport Marine Park

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