Peaks Island Maine Wedding Photographer | Arielle & Jesse

What a wedding day!  Arielle and Jesse tied the knot on Peaks Island, just a ferry ride away from Portland, ME.  They chose the Harbor View at Jones Landing, a venue known for its killer sunsets (unlike most coastal locations in Maine, this venue boasts a sunset OVER the ocean!) and scenic night vistas of Portland across the bay.  The two live in Brooklyn, but chose Maine because  Jesse has family in southern Maine and because there's no better spot for a destination wedding than Peaks Island!

I'll share more as we go along-- just wait til' you see more!

harbor-view-at-jones-landing-maine-wedding-aj (4)

I love the ferry ride over to the island-- it's relatively short (15 or so minutes?) and relaxing.

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Arielle let her bridesmaids choose their dresses- the only stipulation was that they be mint.  I LOVE the look of different dresses of slightly different hues-- it feels sophisticated and just enough matchy to indicate their status on the wedding day!

weddings-at-harbor-view-at-jones-landing-peaks-island-maine-aj (1)

Arielle's wedding dress was Saja, a sweet and whimsical wedding dress line based out of NYC that I just simply adore.

weddings-at-harbor-view-at-jones-landing-peaks-island-maine-aj (2)

And these rings were designed by Sophia Kaman!

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weddings-at-harbor-view-at-jones-landing-peaks-island-maine-aj (3)

Meet Charlie, the cutest lil' wedding puppy who provided so much love despite his diminutive size. :)

weddings-at-harbor-view-at-jones-landing-peaks-island-maine-aj (4)
weddings-at-harbor-view-at-jones-landing-peaks-island-maine-aj (5)
weddings-at-harbor-view-at-jones-landing-peaks-island-maine-aj (6)

Don't you love that flower crown?  It was designed by Blue Fern Designs and it made Arielle look absolutely smashing and ethereal.  Flower crowns are definitely becoming more popular and I'm happy about it!

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maine-island-weddings-aj (4)
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We took a few bridal portraits before I took a few candids of the guys getting ready.  I love window light-- it's always flattering!

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weddings-on-peaks-island-maine-aj (2)
maine-wedding-photographers-aj (2)

Jesse's socks provided a delightful watermelon pop.

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The ceremony was sweet, personal, and unique, and tears were definitely shed.

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harbor-view-at-jones-landing-maine-wedding-aj (1)
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harbor-view-at-jones-landing-maine-wedding-aj (2)
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Charlie!  Your parents love you!

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As we planned to head out at sunset for a few more portraits, we quickly ran through family, wedding party, and couples portraits so Arielle and Jesse could go enjoy cocktail hour.

harbor-view-at-jones-landing-maine-wedding-aj (3)
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Arielle and Jesse's details were lovely and well done-- their color scheme was watermelon mint mojito, and I really enjoyed the freshness of the palette.

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Many of my couples have hashtags for their weddings this year.  Whenever I find out about a hashtag, I make sure to share sneak peaks on my Instagram feed so that all of your friends can see your wedding photos there!  By the way-- are you following me yet on Instagram?

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After being introduced (don't you love how lil' Charlie is raising a paw as well? ;) ) there were formal dances and speeches WITH A LOT OF TEARS.  As so many of my couples know, I love teary photos, but aim to take tphotos that don't make anyone look red-eyed and awkward.

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A good husband cracks open his wife's lobster for her when she's wearing a white dress :)

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Often, my couples will point out portraits that they really like, and I'll share that they were taken at sunset rather than right after the ceremony.  I always suggest that we sneak away from the reception at sunset for a quick 10 minute session so we can utilize the day's most flattering light.  By doing this, you'll have prettier portraits and you'll have a moment during your wedding to take a deep breath and take it all in!  And, we can always spend less time on your portraits after your ceremony, allowing you to enjoy more of cocktail hour-- a definite bonus!

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The wedding continued with the drinking of Maine Mead and lots of dancing.  DJ Zeke Stern of Murray Hill Talent kept the dance floor alive and energetic!

maine-wedding-dance-floor-photos-aj (1)
maine-wedding-dance-floor-photos-aj (2)
maine-wedding-dance-floor-photos-aj (3)
maine-wedding-dance-floor-photos-aj (4)
maine-wedding-dance-floor-photos-aj (5)
black-tie-co-maine-wedding-aj (4)
maine-wedding-photos-aj (4)
harbor-view-at-jones-landing-maine-wedding-aj (5)

The wedding party decided to surprise Arielle and Jesse last minute with a sparker exit, so we all got into place, lit some sparklers, and made some magic.

maine-wedding-sparkler-exits-aj (1)
maine-wedding-sparkler-exits-aj (2)

Arielle and Jesse, I loved your wedding!  Thanks for letting me be a part of it-- I had so much fun capturing everything that made your wedding special!


Venue: Harbor View at Jones Landing

Photographer: Kate Crabtree
Caterer: The Black Tie Co.
Baker: Eva Geiger with Black Tie Co.
DJ: Zeke Stern, Murray Hill Talent
Florist: Blue Fern Designs
Dress: Saja
Suits: J. Crew
Makeup/Hair: Christine Haeger of Big Day Beauty
Invitations: asapaperdoll, Etsy
Ceremony Musicians: Fran Betlyon & Chris Gibbons
Rentals: The Black Tie Co.
Wedding Favors: East Mountain Maple
Rings: Sofia Kaman


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