New England Outdoor Center Wedding, Millinocket Maine | Heidi & Rick

The weather forecast called for thunderstorms across the state, which didn't bode well for Heidi and Rick, who had planned an outdoor ceremony and tented wedding at the New England Outdoor Center in Millinocket Maine.  I mourned for a few days prior to the wedding when the forecast remained... moody.  You see, Heidi and Rick planned on paddleboarding after the ceremony, and I had the sneaking suspicion it wouldn't happen, and that was BUMMING ME OUT because I had looked forward to it for almost a year.

But, as you can see below, it definitely happened, and look at those dramatic skies!  I'll share more about how their day progressed further down in the blog post... keep on reading!

new-england-outdoor-center-maine-wedding (3)

The sky may have been foreboding, but it was also gorgeous.  Look at that majestic view of Mt. Katahdin.  Forgive me, by the way, for sharing so many landscape shots of Katahdin throughout the blog post-- the skies kept changing in such delightful ways that I had to share the changing views with you!

new-england-outdoor-center-maine-wedding (5)

Heidi got ready in an adorable cabin only a short walk away from the ceremony and reception site.

northern-maine-wedding-photographer-hr (2)
millinocket-maine-wedding-photos-hr (1)
northern-maine-wedding-photographer-hr (1)
western-maine-weddings-hr (2)
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At times it was pouring very hard, but Heidi stayed completely upbeat and cheerful-- I'm not sure if I've ever worked with such an excitable bride before!  She was so much fun.  She even took it in stride when it was suggested we push back the ceremony a bit to wait out the rain.

candid-maine-wedding-photographer-hr (1)
western-maine-weddings-hr (3)
candid-maine-wedding-photographer-hr (2)
western-maine-weddings-hr (4)

Outside of the cabin was an amazing trail to the lake, where we took a few family and bridal portraits.  I dare say that the New England Outdoor Center provides some of the prettiest views I've seen across the state!

weddings-at-the-new-england-outdoor-center-maine (1)
new-england-outdoor-center-maine-wedding (1)

Meanwhile, Rick and his friends and family got ready in another cabin.

heidi-and-rick-new-england-outdoor-center (2)
rick-and-heidi-new-england-outdoor-center (1)
rick-and-heidi-new-england-outdoor-center (2)

As we waited for the ceremony to begin (and filled the time with some portraits) the skies got even better.

maine-lakeside-weddings-hr (1)
weddings-at-the-new-england-outdoor-center-maine (2)
millinocket-maine-wedding-photos-hr (2)

Finally, the ceremony began, and it was clear that nobody minded the wait.

maine-wedding-in-the-mountains-hr (2)
maine-lakeside-weddings-hr (2)
western-maine-weddings-hr (5)
new-england-outdoor-center-maine-wedding (2)
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candid-maine-wedding-photographer-hr (5)

Heidi and Rick wrote very personal vows to one another, and they were written so well and so amusing that everyone was hanging on their every word.  I would love to see more couples personalize their ceremonies in such a way-- I felt like I got to know Heidi and Rick even better through them.

maine-wedding-in-the-mountains-hr (3)
maine-lakeside-weddings-hr (3)
candid-maine-wedding-photographer-hr (6)

And all were very happy about their union (although they had been together for quite some time already!)

weddings-at-the-new-england-outdoor-center-maine (5)
rustic-maine-wedding-photos-hr (4)

There was no rain, but I figured the paddleboarding would still be called off, as the water was somewhat choppy.  Heidi turned to me, however, and said, "I think we should get on the paddleboards now!"  And I said, "are you sure??" and "YES!!!" almost simultaneously.


Cell phone photos were shared after the event :).

heidi-and-rick-new-england-outdoor-center (1)

It sprinkled for about 5 minutes after the paddleboarding, but just like magic the rain cleared and we continued on with a few portraits!

rustic-maine-wedding-photos-hr (5)

Heidi's bouquet was designed by Millinocket Floral-- so much delightful texture!

maine-lakeside-weddings-hr (4)
weddings-at-the-new-england-outdoor-center-maine (4)
northern-maine-wedding-photographer-hr (3)

The two of them decided to practice their flip that they planned to rock out on the dance floor.  What a crazy awesome couple, right?

maine-lakeside-weddings-hr (5)

I didn't think we'd have a sunset, but I peeked out of the tent, saw this, and immediately grabbed Heidi and Rick to create the following silhouette portraits.  Those colors!

northern-maine-wedding-photographer-hr (4)
new-england-outdoor-center-maine-wedding (4)

Speeches were full of laughter and lovely sentiments.

tented-maine-wedding-hr (3)
tented-maine-wedding-hr (4)

And then the dance floor opened up... and yes, these two did perform their flip, although there may have been a fall... that Heidi took right in stride!  The Kenya Hall Band performed and did a marvelous job with getting everyone up on the dance floor and giving me a lot to work with! :)

millinocket-maine-wedding-photos-hr (4)
tented-maine-wedding-hr (1)
millinocket-maine-wedding-photos-hr (5)
northern-maine-wedding-photographer-hr (5)
millinocket-maine-wedding-photos-hr (6)
candid-maine-wedding-photographer-hr (3)
candid-maine-wedding-photographer-hr (4)

Your wedding was SO much fun, Heidi and Rick!  I'm so glad it rained, because those skies made up for the risky weather!  Hope you two are having a blast in Morocco!


Venue: New England Outdoor Center
Caterer: River Drivers Restaurant
Wedding Coordinator: Shorey
Photographer: Kate Crabtree Photography
Second Photographer: Tammie Wardwell
Band: The Kenya Hall Band
Florist: Millinocket Floral
Dress: Nicole Miller
Suits: Joseph's of Portland Maine
Hair: Melanie Lisy, Studio 296
Stationary: Etsy
Ceremony Musician: Aaron McCloskey and Rom Marshall
Wedding Favors: The Little Soap Factory, Dan's Chocolates

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