Rockport Maine Wedding Photographer | Leslie & Chris

On a beautiful sunny day in October, Leslie and Chris were wed at the Samoset Resort in Rockport Maine surrounded by friends and family.  Their wedding was classic, timeless, and elegant, and not only was it a formal affair to remember, but the dancing was just as excellent.  As always, I'll share more below as we go along!

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Hair and makeup was done by Doreen Tarbox, who did a wonderful job with glamming the ladies.

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I love reaction shots once the bride is fully dressed-- Leslie looked gorgeous!

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While I was photographing the ladies, Tammie photographed Chris and the groomsmen getting dressed.

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Their first look was sweet and filled with golden light.  It's always nice to do a first look so that everyone can enjoy cocktail hour and begin the party just a little bit earlier!

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The gorgeous bouquets, bouts, and centerpieces were by Seasons Downeast Designs.  Love the texture!

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After family and wedding party portraits, the ketubah was signed and the ceremony commenced.

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rockport-maine-wedding-photographer-lc (3)
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This may be one of my favorite photos this year... the dramatic lighting during the ceremony helped make this emotional moment even more striking.

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As family and wedding party portraits were over, we took a few minutes to finish couples portraits and then the pair enjoyed the tail end of cocktail hour.

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The reception was gorgeous, with classic details.  Will Clayton, the wedding coordinator at the Samoset, did a fabulous job as always.  He's one of the very best wedding venue coordinators I have ever worked with, and the weddings that he puts on are always run exceptionally well.  It's always a pleasure knowing that he's overseeing a wedding!

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The first dance and the father/daughter and mother/son dances were lots of fun.  It was so hard to choose favorite photos because they were so dramatic and danced so well!

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Speeches were given afterwards, which resulted in this great reaction shot.

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I always love seeing the hora at a wedding!

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As I often mention, I love a great band at a wedding, and at Leslie and Chris' wedding the Bob Charest Band performed.  I'd been wanting to hear them forever and they did not disappoint-- they sang contemporary songs, as well as older tunes, to please everyone attending.  Here's to hoping we'll be working together again soon!

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The cake cutting was made especially adorable by these two, who provided looks of longing for the delicious looking cake crafted by Sweet Sensations.

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maine-wedding-dance-floor-lc (4)

What a fun evening!  Thanks for having me document your day, Leslie and Chris- I hope these photos help you relive some of the amazing moments you two shared!


Venue: Samoset Resort 
Coordinator: Will Clayton
Band: Bob Charest Band 
Ceremony Musician: Encatado
Photographer: Kate Crabtree
Second Photographer: Tammie Wardwell
Florist: Seasons Downeast Designs
Baker: Sweet Sensations
Dress: Allure, Fontana
Suits: Vera Wang
Makeup and Hair: Doreen Tarbox
Wedding Favors: Wine, Wente Vineyards

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