Bangor Maine Portrait Photographer | Linds

Linds is one of my closest friends-- I met her in college and thought, at the time, she was crazy for loving to run.  She also loved Pilates and yoga, which weren't as offensive to me (as a springboard diver in high school, exercises focused on flexibility have always come easy to me), but I couldn't really get behind the whole fitness thing.

Now, seven years later, I'm a running nut (training for a marathon in October!) and I totally buy the whole being fit is awesome thing.  Being able to run long distances makes me feel like I can do anything, and that's a powerful feeling.  Once you've tasted the kool-aid, you can never go back.

Linds' drug of choice these days is yoga, something I've been meaning to get into, as my flexibility is slowly waning.  She taught me a few things and I took a few photos of her practicing!

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