Jenie & Brian’s Family Acadia Elopement

On a beautiful, hazy afternoon in July, Jenie and Brian, joined by their three children, Jordan, Cameron, and Felicity, and their parents, Van, Julie, and Ginny, officially blended their families together, and when I say these two hours were jam packed with emotion, I MEAN IT! Jenie had mentioned their Acadia elopement might be an emotional affair, and I assured her I've been to many a wedding and elopement where emotions have run high, but I wasn't prepared for how emotionally vulnerable each and every member of Jenie and Brian's families were. I witnessed a half hour ceremony where there were multiple breaks for hugs, tears, and such a ridiculous amount of joy that I found myself grinning behind the camera.

Jenie had mentioned that she didn't want to force her children to do anything, but rather invited them to participate if they so chose, and participate they did, with a song performed by Jordan and Cameron, and a poem read by Felicity. I also found it so endearing that Jenie and Brian had written letters to each of their children, sharing all their love and appreciation for them. Their ceremony wasn't what I'd call traditional, but it was definitely one of the most meaningful and passionate events I've ever witnessed. If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that Brian and Jenie are incredible, thoughtful parents, and I felt so lucky to document their ceremony.

Afterwards, we took a bunch of family portraits, even doing some silly ones, and then we traveled to a rocky beach, where the kids skipped stones, and Jenie and Brian took some couples portraits.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our short time together. Enjoy!

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