Bar Harbor Club Maine Wedding | Cecilia & Michael

Cecilia and Mike had the prettiest of wedding days, but what made their Bar Harbor Club wedding sparkle was the two of them.  Not only was their loving relationship obvious to all, but Mike and Cecilia were both so happy to see their family and friends amongst them on their wedding day.  Cecilia and Mike (especially Mike) hugged everyone as hard as they danced, which you'll see below.  I'll share more as we go along-- I'm sure you want to see photos!

weddings-in-bar-harbor-maine-cm (10)

We started our day in Salon NaturELLES as the ladies had their hair done for the wedding.

naturelles-bar-harbor-maine-wedding-cm (1)
naturelles-bar-harbor-maine-wedding-cm (2)

Don't worry- this was NOT the hairstyle Cecilia rocked out for her wedding :).

naturelles-bar-harbor-maine-wedding-cm (3)
getting-ready-photos-maine-wedding-cm (4)

We then headed over to the Bar Harbor Club to finish with makeup and final preparations.

bar-harbor-club-maine-weddings-cm (2)
bar-harbor-maine-wedding-photography-cm (1)
bar-harbor-maine-wedding-photographer-cm (1)
getting-ready-photos-maine-wedding-cm (2)
getting-ready-photos-maine-wedding-cm (3)

We had a moment to take a classic bridal portrait of Cecilia prior to the ceremony-- she's stunning, right?

classic-wedding-portraits-cm (2)

Meanwhile, Tammie photographed the guys getting ready and leaving in classic cars for the upcoming ceremony.

getting-ready-photos-maine-wedding-cm (5)
candid-maine-wedding-photos-cm (30)

Mike's reaction to Cecilia walking down the aisle was priceless.

weddings-in-bar-harbor-maine-cm (3)

Pretty tears were shed by all.

bar-harbor-maine-wedding-photographer-cm (20)

After the ceremony we took some portraits with this stunning, classic car.

bar-harbor-club-maine-weddings-cm (40)
weddings-in-bar-harbor-maine-cm (2)

We also took a few wedding party photos on the balcony of the Poolhouse.  What a sky, right?

weddings-in-bar-harbor-maine-cm (4)
bar-harbor-club-maine-weddings-cm (5)

The flowers were gorgeous and designed by Fleurishes.

fleurishes-bar-harbor-maine-florist (2)
fleurishes-bar-harbor-maine-florist (30)

The ballroom was stunning-- the tall floral arrangements added even more drama to the space.

bar-harbor-club-maine-weddings-cm (3)
bar-harbor-club-maine-wedding-photos-cm (3)
bar-harbor-club-maine-wedding-photos-cm (1)
bar-harbor-club-maine-wedding-photos-cm (4)

The party started once Cecilia and Mike were introduced and did their first dance.  Wavelength was an amazing addition to their wedding, and really provided the talent and energy needed to make their wedding go from a good time to a crazy, energetic dance frenzy.  I'm so glad I'll be working with them again in October (and hopefully more next year!)

wavelength-maine-wedding-band-cm (3)
bar-harbor-club-maine-wedding-photos-cm (2)
bar-harbor-maine-wedding-photography-cm (4)
photographers-in-bar-harbor-maine-cm (3)
maine-wedding-dancing-photos-cm (1)
wavelength-maine-wedding-band-cm (4)
bar-harbor-club-maine-weddings-cm (6)

We snuck outside for a few portraits at sunset.  The light is  almost always at its best toward the end of the evening, so I always recommend to my couples that we take a few portraits during the reception to take advantage of the soft, flattering light.

fleurishes-bar-harbor-maine-florist (1)
bar-harbor-club-maine-weddings-cm (1)
bar-harbor-maine-wedding-photographer-cm (3)
maine-wedding-dancing-photos-cm (3)
wavelength-maine-wedding-band-cm (6)
maine-wedding-dancing-photos-cm (4)
photographers-in-bar-harbor-maine-cm (4)
bar-harbor-maine-wedding-photographer-cm (4)
candid-maine-wedding-photos-cm (1)
candid-maine-wedding-photos-cm (2)
bar-harbor-club-maine-wedding-photos-cm (5)
bar-harbor-maine-wedding-photographer-cm (5)
wavelength-maine-wedding-band-cm (1)
wavelength-maine-wedding-band-cm (2)

What a night!  I'm still smiling over how much fun it was, even though I couldn't dance as hard and well as all of you with my two cameras strapped to my body!  Thank you, Cecilia and Mike, for letting me be part of your wedding day!  Have fun on your honeymoon!


Venue: Bar Harbor Club (Harborside Marina)
Photographer: Kate Crabtree Photography
Second Photographer: Tammie Wardwell
Band: Wavelength
Baker: Celebration Cakes
Florist: Fleurishes
Dress Shop: Kleinfeld Bridal
Wedding Dress: Pnina Tornai
Suits: Men's Wearhouse
Hair: Danielle Hostins, Salon NaturELLES
Wedding Favors: Fiore Oils

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