ISPWP Award Winning Maine Wedding Photography

Award winning photographer Kate Crabtree captures an emotional documentary photo at a Bar Harbor Maine wedding.

The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (better known as ISPWP) announced the results of their Fall 2017 contest this past weekend, and I was so thrilled to hear that this photo of Miguel at his Bar Harbor wedding was selected as first place in the Emotional Impact category because this photo has such a strong emotional impact on me.  Whenever I look at it, I can't help but tear up and feel my heart beating faster.  But, most of all, I feel Miguel's unwavering love for his mother, who he had just finished visiting at the hospital prior to his wedding ceremony.

This photo is, without a doubt, the hardest photo I have ever made, and so I am appreciative that ISPWP and the judges recognize the emotional impact of this photo as well.  However, the best award that I can ever receive is when my couples love their wedding day photos- they matter more to me than any industry award!

You can view the other ISPWP contest winners here.  Thank you to the judges and to Tamarinda and Miguel- I am still so honored that I was able to capture your memorable wedding day.

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