Asticou Inn, Northeast Harbor Wedding | Jess & Alan

There's nothing like a wedding on Mount Desert Island, and the Asticou Inn, located in Northeast Harbor, Maine, didn't disappoint with its quintessentially Maine charm and spectacular ocean views.   Jess and Alan invited their closest friends and family to take part in the blending of their two families, and the results were simply heartwarming AND picturesque.

I'll share more as we go along.  Onto the photos!

asticou-inn-wedding-photography-ja (3)
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Jess's gown was custom made and designed by Modern Trousseau.

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Bella Spa did a great job on Jess's makeup and was such a calming, relaxed presence-- a plus at any wedding!

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northeast-harbor-wedding-photography-ja (3)
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Meanwhile, Tammie photographed Alan, and his two sons, Evan and Dylan, while they prepared for the wedding.

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weddings-in-northeast-harbor-ja (4)
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Jess and Alan shared a first look so that they could do their portraits prior to their ceremony.  Look how happy Alan is to see her!

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We went over to the Asticou Garden for some portraits.

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asticou-inn-weddings-maine-ja (2)
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After the portraits, we took a quick breather and then went on to the ceremony!

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Evan and Dylan did great with transporting the rings to their father.

coastal-maine-wedding-photographer-ja (2)
mdi-wedding-photographer-ja (2)
coastal-maine-wedding-photographer-ja (3)

Jess's grandfather shed tears of joy!

mdi-wedding-photographer-ja (3)

Is there not the prettiest ceremony backdrop?  It's one of the very best in Maine!

asticou-inn-wedding-photography-ja (2)
coastal-maine-weddings-ja (4)

Jess and Alan went to enjoy cocktail hour.  All of the gorgeous bouquets/centerpieces/bouts/etc. were carefully put together by Cottage Flowers.

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And then on to the reception they went, where toasts were given before dinner.

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weddings-in-northeast-harbor-ja (2)

It was too pretty out to dance under the tent, so a few cocktail tables were moved and all of the first dances were done with the lovely lawn and ocean as a backdrop.

asticou-inn-wedding-photography-ja (40)

If you look closely, Jess's grandfather is up in the window.  He sat there and applauded for all of the dances!

asticou-inn-wedding-photographer-ja (2)
coastal-maine-wedding-photographer-ja (4)

The dance floor was jazzed up by Joe Dionne, who especially got Evan and Dylan grooving and pulling out their best moves (including splits)!

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joe-dionne-maine-dj-ja (1)
joe-dionne-maine-dj-ja (2)
joe-dionne-maine-dj-ja (3)
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asticou-inn-wedding-photography-ja (5)

Thanks for letting me be part of your wedding day, Jess and Alan!  It was such a joyful event.


Photographer: Kate Crabtree Photography
Second Photographer: Tammie Wardwell
Venue: Asticou Inn
Caterer: Asticou Inn
DJ: Joe Dionne
Florist: Cottage Flowers
Makeup: Bella Spa
Hair: Echo Salon
Dress: Custom, Modern Trousseau
Suits: Macy's
Wedding Rentals: Wallace Tent & Party Rentals

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