Acadia National Park Vow Renewal Photographer | Alexandra & Federico

It appears to friends and family that Alexandra and Federico spent a week in Maine merely to vacation, but the two of them had other plans- to renew their vows.  On a gorgeous overcast morning (that turned into bright sun as afternoon approached), we traveled around Acadia National Park prior to their vow renewal, taking portraits in a variety of locations including Sand Beach, Otter Cliffs and Jordan Pond.  We eventually met with the pastor in the Sand Beach parking lot, drove to a rocky cliff we had found while we were doing their vow renewal portraits, and we enjoyed the warmth and blue skies that the sun brought as it blessed their recommitment to each other.

Alexandra met Federico at a time in her life when she decided that she would like to travel and live somewhere else for awhile.  She closed her eyes, pointed to a map, and her finger fell upon Argentina.  That trip brought her to Federico, who has been in her life ever since.  What a love story for the ages!

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our time on Mount Desert Island.  I hope you come back to Maine soon, Alexandra and Federico!  Maybe next time you'll have a moose sighting!

acadia-national-park-vow-renewal-af (1)
sand-beach-vow-renewal-af (1)
acadia-national-park-vow-renewal-af (3)
sand-beach-vow-renewal-af (2)
sand-beach-maine-vow-renewal-af (1)
vow-renewal-photography-in-acadia-national-park-af (1)
sand-beach-vow-renewal-af (3)
acadia-national-park-vow-renewal-af (2)
vow-renewals-in-acadia-national-park-af (1)
jordan-pond-vow-renewal-portraits-af (2)
jordan-pond-vow-renewal-portraits-af (1)
vow-renewals-in-acadia-national-park-af (2)
vow-renewal-photography-in-acadia-national-park-af (2)
vow-renewals-in-acadia-national-park-af (3)
bar-harbor-maine-vow-renewal-photography-af (1)
bar-harbor-maine-vow-renewal-photography-af (2)
bar-harbor-maine-vow-renewal-photography-af (3)
vow-renewal-photography-in-acadia-national-park-af (3)
vow-renewal-photography-in-acadia-national-park-af (4)

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