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In March, Tony and I made a last minute decision to get away during his spring break.  I had always wanted to visit the west coast, and I had a good friend who lived in San Francisco, so we spent a week wandering around the city with no plan or goal in mind, only to explore, relax, and eat.  I carried around my little Fuji X-T1 (the perfect travel camera!) and the two of us spent our days exploring our little quiet neighborhood, Noe Valley, walking around the Mission, checking out the Golden Gate Bridge, meeting up with other photographer friends over drinks, stumbling upon a Prince flash mob, and eating and drinking to our hearts’ content at various spots we came upon by happenstance.  We spent a few days with my good friend Heidi and her husband, Harry, partaking in street photography in Union Square, paragliding (Harry paraglides for a living- what a life, right?!) and we ended our trip by being photographed by Heidi (thank you!).  My only regret is that Heidi and I never got a photo together other than a underexposed cell phone picture, but it only means that I’ll need to visit her again soon. :)

Wedding season is starting up in just a couple of weeks, so before you know it this blog will be filled with photos of happy couples and beautiful moments, but for now let me share a few San Francisco photos.  I’ll be back!

san-francisco-photographer (1)san-francisco-photographer (2)san-francisco-photographer (3)san-francisco-photographer (4)

san-francisco-california-photographer (1)san-francisco-photographer (5)san-francisco-california-photographer (2)san-francisco-california-photographer (3)san-francisco-california-photographer (4)san-francisco-photography (2)san-francisco-photography (3)san-francisco-photography (4)san-francisco-photography (5)san-francisco-photojournalism (1)san-francisco-photojournalism (2)san-francisco-photojournalism (3)san-francisco-photojournalism (4)san-francisco-photojournalism (5)daly-city-paragliding (1)daly-city-paragliding (2)daly-city-paragliding (3)daly-city-paragliding (4)daly-city-paragliding (5)

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