Cassandra and Derek’s Orono Maine Wedding Proposal

Cassandra has been a close friend and confidant for awhile- she’s also a wedding photographer, and we, along with our good friend Lexi, meet up often for coffee/drinks, and when that’s impossible due to our busy schedules we keep up a never-ending Facebook chat window that is filled with random minutiae that keeps us connected with our day to day lives.  Therefore, I was exceptionally excited when Derek sent me an email- would I be able to photograph his wedding proposal (!!!!!) to Cassandra on her birthday?  Uh, YES!  I immediately filled Lexi in because I knew I’d need a wingwoman and someone to share my secret.  We set forth to get Cassandra out of the house for a couple of hours so Derek could prepare, so we invited a few mutual friends to join us for a birthday dinner for Cassandra.  I managed to leave dinner a little early with feigned sickness and sped to Cassandra and Derek’s place so I could ensure I’d beat Cassandra home.  When Lexi finally brought her home from her b-day dinner, Julian led her inside and Derek proposed with an adorable handmade card in front of the Christmas tree.  It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.

Here are a few of my favorites from Cassanda and Derek’s proposal.  Thank you, Derek, for letting me be part of such a wonderful moment!  I’m so excited for all three of you!

orono-maine-wedding-proposal (1)orono-maine-wedding-proposal (2)orono-maine-wedding-proposal (3)orono-maine-wedding-proposal (4)orono-maine-wedding-proposal (5)orono-maine-wedding-proposal (6)orono-maine-wedding-proposal (7)orono-maine-wedding-proposal (8)orono-maine-wedding-proposal (9)orono-maine-wedding-proposal (10)orono-maine-wedding-proposal (11)

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