Kettle Cove Engagement Portraits | Meg & Maxime

I’m often asked what my favorite lighting/weather conditions are for portraits, and I often have a hard time responding, because they all produce different effects.  I love fog for the atmospheric quality it provides to photos, and overcast days because of how easy they are to work with, but I also love bright sun and big, blue skies.  In other words, I’m pretty easy to please!  Monday delivered soft light for almost the entirety of Meg and Maxime’s session in Kettle Cove, which is located in Cape Elizabeth, and it provided for some pretty vibrant captures, and I found myself thinking that maybe THIS is my new favorite light to work with!  Meg had an easy laugh and giggled throughout the entire session, which made my job of photographing Meg and Maxime easy as pie.

By the way, Kettle Cove is one of my favorite places for Maine engagement portraits.  Why?  There’s a variety of landscapes within a small space.  Rocky quintessential Maine coastlines, sandy beaches, green, vibrant trails, and the sun sets behind the ocean, which allows for easy and dramatic silhouette portraits.  It’s a gem of a portrait location!

Here’s a few of my favorite photos from our time together.  I’m counting down the days until their Blue Hill wedding at John Peters Estate!

kettle-cove-maine-engagement-portraits-mm (3)

cape-elizabeth-maine-engagement-portraits-mm (2)southern-maine-engagement-portraits-mm (2)

coastal-maine-engagement-portraits-mm (30)

crescent-beach-cape-elizabeth-portraits-mm (1)

cape-elizabeth-maine-engagement-portraits-mm (3)

cape-elizabeth-maine-engagement-portraits-mm (1)

crescent-beach-cape-elizabeth-portraits-mm (3)

maine-engagement-portrait-photographer-mm (1)

kettle-cove-maine-engagement-portraits-mm (20)

maine-engagement-portrait-photographer-mm (2)

coastal-maine-engagement-portraits-mm (1)

kettle-cove-maine-engagement-portraits-mm (1)coastal-maine-engagement-portraits-mm (2)maine-engagement-portrait-photographer-mm (30)southern-maine-engagement-portraits-mm (1)

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