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Brittanie and Meko walk near the lake after their central Maine Wedding at the Lakeview Golf Course

This post is supposed to act as a second part to my post on Saturday about the cost of wedding photography.  After posting it, I felt like I had glossed over an important aspect of photography that has to be taken into account– the value of photography.

I can write till the cows come home about how I have to charge a certain amount of money in order to make a living, but that amount doesn’t matter at all to you, my dear reader, if you feel that my photography isn’t worth the value that I have set on it.  And that is absolutely fine.

We all value different things in our lives.  For example, I love books.  I spend a lot of money on my reading material and purchase much anticipated books the day they come out, even if it means I’ll have to spend more money.  It’s worth it to me, and I love having my bookshelves filled to the brim.  For others, it may be in their best interest to pick up items to read at the library.

To each their own.  We should all invest most of our money in what we love.  And I know I won’t be the photographer for everyone.

I am here, however, for those of you who are passionate about photography.  For those of you who really care about preserving as many moments as possible on your wedding day and the emotional connection that you share with your fiancé/e, friends, and family.  And, if you and your significant other are having a no good, very bad day in the future, you can pull out your wedding album and remember why you told each other “I do.”  You can even do it on the good days, over a glass of wine, perhaps, and reminisce over the first time you noticed one another in that way.

The bride and groom gaze at each other after a wonderful day at Winterport Winery and Pairings
I don’t promise (nor am I able to promise!) to be a savior of relationships, but I can promise that if you care about photography that I’m going to do everything I can to capture not only the events of your wedding day, but the emotions you felt that day so that you’ll never forget why you married your significant other on the worst days, even if he or she is being a pain and just won’t. clean. up. after him/herself.

Of everything that I offer, I believe that’s the most significant thing I can give my clients– the preservation of memories and emotions in order to create future memories and emotions.  And there’s nothing I love more than making that happen.

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