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  • Kate Crabtree is an award winning Maine wedding photographer who creates evocative and timeless wedding photography for couples who would like their love story to be told authentically. Although she is located in Bangor, Maine (central Maine), she happily travels to coastal and southern Maine, and throughout New England to capture unique wedding photos and engagement portraits. She has been featured on Style Me Pretty, recently named as one of the top 50 wedding photographers in the United States by Weddzilla, and published in Maine Magazine, Seacoast Weddings, and Real Maine Weddings.

If I had to compare photography magazine/inspiration blog Lemonade and Lenses to a teenage boy, it would be that guy in high school that half of the girls were absolutely in love with.  He had it all– not only was he drop-dead gorgeous, but he was nice and friendly and probably had a girlfriend (much to all of our disappointment).  And he was definitely popular, but for all of the right reasons.

I’ve never been that shy with guys (well, perhaps a LITTLE shy in high school), but when I sent Lauren’s artsy garden portraits to Lemonade and Lenses I was a little bit nervous to find out if they’d be interested in featuring the session.  But they did!  And I suddenly felt like that girl in all of those cheesy teen comedies who scores the boyfriend of her dreams by the end of the flick.  THANKS, Lemonade and Lenses, for picking me and featuring my session!

To provide some background information about Lemonade and Lenses (and to get away from my hot guy comparison)– it’s a magazine, founded by very popular senior portrait photographer Lexi Vornberg, that seeks to showcase excellent portrait and wedding work.  Lemonade and Lenses also features photographers and photography sessions on their blog during the week.  It’s grown exponentially recently, and I believe it’s one of the most popular portrait inspiration websites!

View the Lemonade and Lenses feature here.

Maine portrait photographer Kate Crabtree is featured on Lemonade and LensesBangor Maine portrait photographer Kate Crabtree is featured on Lemonade and Lenses


Remember that meme that spread across Facebook sometime during early 2009 where you had to share 25 random things about yourself?  I have to admit that I loved that meme.  It told you a lot about the people that did it; I mean, you never learned any deep dark secrets about your friends(which, in my opinion, is for the best), but more the little things that make them unique.  I found the whole exercise to be fascinating (it’s the psych minor in me), and was a little sad once it came to its end.

So, I’m bringing it back.  For all of you with blogs, I challenge you to share ten random things about yourself.  Ten things that, preferably, most people don’t know about you.  Let’s all get to know each other a little bit better!

1. I love high quality paper goods/products.  One of my biggest splurges for my own wedding was really nice invitations.  I wanted thick, luxurious textured paper and a customized design. I quickly discovered I’d have to pay a fair amount of money to get what I wanted, so I did just that.  I don’t regret it at all and I still pull my extras out from time to time to admire them.

Kate Crabtree Photography, a Maine wedding photographer, business card(Not a photo of my wedding invitation, but I took great care too in purchasing my business cards!)

2. I feel awkward talking about music.  I’ll happily share my favorite books and what I’m currently reading (even the mildly more embarassing titles, like Animorphs (which is such an awesome teen series that it deserves to be in double parentheses!)), but I shy away from music.  That’s not to say that I don’t listen to music– I do!– but I feel like I don’t know enough about it to really share what I like.  And, it doesn’t help that I was once asked by a music expert classmate what my favorite bands were, and when I told him a few he just kind of stared at me and switched the topic of conversation.  That scarred me for life, y’all!

3. My favorite pizza toppings are pineapple, jalapenos, and banana peppers.  It’s the most delicious pizza combination ever, I swear.

4. My lifetime goal is to get on Survivor and not be voted out at the first tribal council.  Tony and I talk about how we’d do on Survivor all the time, and I’m pretty sure I’d make it about halfway in, but I wouldn’t be able to lie convincingly and I’d probably be really, really cranky about all the rain, cold nights, and lack of food.  But I want to do it so badly despite all of the trauma and embarrassment I’d undoubtedly face!

5. I talk to myself in the car.  Out loud.  I’ll actually have full-blown conversations!  I started this in grad school, when I was trying to figure out how I’d craft an argument or a thesis for a paper and found that it was a really effective way to sort through all of my ideas, but I still do it now when I’m trying to work out something in my head.  I’m not sure if this is weird or not, but it’s effective for me (and also helps me stay awake and alert when driving late at night!)

6. I tear up so easily when happy things are going on.  I didn’t cry at the wedding ceremony I shot last weekend, but I was getting a little misty-eyed at the reception because everyone was so euphoric on the dance floor.  Tony will never let me forget that I actually cried while watching Mobbed, even though the episode we were watching was incredibly corny.  I sometimes even tear up when I’m officiating swim meets and one of the kids breaks a record  (now they’re all going to make fun of me once they see this!)

7. I believe that running a marathon (when properly trained), is so much easier than running 1 mile.  My body does better with distance running.  I never want to run a 1 mile race ever again (Those 7 minutes were the longest 7 minutes of my life)!

(Photo courtesy of Tony Llerena Photography.  Look how I’m passing that child!  This was a 5k, not a 1 miler, so I wasn’t hating life too much at the end of this race)

8. I studied English in undergrad and grad, but for some reason I always did better on the math portion of standardized tests.  I always second guessed myself on English questions (but, to be fair, I think they’re far more ambiguous than math questions typically are).

9. Have you ever heard of the Tim Tang Test?  I did those puzzles for almost a year, and finally had to quit because they were taking up too much time.  They’re addictive (and difficult!)

10. I am the happiest I have ever been because I have my own photography business.  As cliche as it is, I love working every day.  Yes, there are parts of my job I don’t particularly love, but I don’t hate anything that I do.  I love updating QuickBooks!  I love meeting new people and attending weddings!  I love photographing people and I love editing those photos.  I love being my own boss!  I’m so lucky to be able to call photography a profession.

Okay guys, it’s your turn.  Share a few random tidbits about yourselves!  Post a link to your random 10 things about you from your blogs in my comments!  And please post a couple of marginally embarrassing things so I feel a little better about my eccentricities! ;)