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  • Kate Crabtree is an award winning Maine wedding photographer who creates evocative and timeless wedding photography for couples who would like their love story to be told authentically. Although she is located in Bangor, Maine (central Maine), she happily travels to coastal and southern Maine, and throughout New England to capture unique wedding photos and engagement portraits. She has been featured on Style Me Pretty, recently named as one of the top 50 wedding photographers in the United States by Weddzilla, and published in Maine Magazine, Seacoast Weddings, and Real Maine Weddings.

Why I decided to become a portrait and wedding photographer partially stems from how I got into the photography industry.

In short: a high school friend of mine who had her own photography business asked if she could take some bridal portraits of me for her portfolio.  I happily assented, and we spent a few hours outside on a late summer day.  I didn’t really know what to expect, except that I knew she did gorgeous work and I felt lucky she wanted to photograph me.

I was stunned when I saw the final results.  At first, I had a hard time believing that the person in those portraits was me, not because they were radically retouched (they weren’t), but because I had never seen or thought or perceived myself in the way that I looked in those photos.

(Photo by Samantha Hartery Photography)

Although I’ve never thought of myself as unattractive, whenever I looked in the mirror at home I always focused on the little things.  The pimple on my chin, or how one of my eyes is always a little more squinty than the other in photos.  It wasn’t until I saw those portraits that I saw the bigger picture.  I saw myself as an entire person rather than the little elements of me that I had always scrutinized with derision.

I believe that everyone needs to see themselves through someone else’s perspective in order to understand who they are, how they look, and how they are perceived because we get too stuck on the little things to see the big picture for what it is.  Having your photo taken, whether its your senior portrait, engagement photos with the person you love the most in the world, or your wedding day coverage, is more than just capturing moments.  It’s about letting me show you who you are.  You’re not only getting beautiful images of yourself/ves– I’m helping you take an introspective journey where you’re learning more about how the world sees you and your love, and believe me, from my personal experience, that’s pretty mindblowing (in the best ways possible!).

So, if there’s one thing I’ve always cared deeply about, it’s about changing how we see ourselves for the better.  We all have our own beauty and grace, and I get absolutely giddy and teary eyed when I see the perfection of real laughter, or how two people in love look at each other, knowing that nobody else but their significant other will do.  And although I love the art and creativity of photography, I do it because I want to help others see themselves in a rosier, more positive light.  That “rosier light” makes everything better in life– trust me!

On a related note– I gave myself some self love and had my head shots updated by the lovely Kristin of Sweet Life Memories Photography.  It was a great way to see myself in a new light and perspective– thanks so much, Kristin! <3


I picked up The Bright Forever, by Lee Martin, at a book sale and kept it on the shelf for a few years.  Then, at another book sale, I accidentally purchased a second copy.  It, too, collected dust.  Finally, a few weeks ago as I was browsing my shelves, looking for something new to read, I finally picked it up and looked at the copy on the back.  I’ll be honest– I do, to a degree, judge books by their covers, and The Bright Forever’s cover design never resonated with me.  But, being an award junkie, I was pulled in by the fact that The Bright Forever was a Pulitzer Prize Finalist for Fiction.  Surely it had to be good if the Pulitzer committee wanted to give it accolades, right?

The Bright Forever, which takes place in the 1970s in a small mid-western town, explores the abduction of a nine-year old girl named Katie through the use of four narrators– her tutor, Mr. Dees, Raymond, Mr. Dees’ neighbor, Raymond’s wife, Claire, and Katie’s brother,  Gilley.  By allowing the reader to listen to these recollections of the time before and after Katie’s disappearance, the reader has the nifty opportunity to form his or her own conclusions about what has transpired.  Real life abductions, murders, and other similar crimes are usually not clear cut and easy to solve, but rather complicated and messy affairs, and The Bright Forever does remarkably well in muddying its waters and creating narrators that the reader feels compassion and distrust for at the same time.

Lee Martin has written a very easy to read book that I found compelling and gut wrenching at the same time.  It would be a great book to discuss among friends or in a book group, so why not gift it to a friend for Christmas and spend an afternoon, over warm mugs of coffee, and figure out what you think of this book?