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  • Kate Crabtree is an award winning Maine wedding photographer who creates evocative and timeless wedding photography for couples who would like their own personal love story to be told authentically. Although she is located in Bangor, Maine (central Maine), she happily travels to coastal and southern Maine, and throughout New England to capture unique wedding photos and engagement portraits. She has been featured on Style Me Pretty and published in Maine Magazine and Real Maine Weddings.

Wolfe’s Neck Engagement Photography, Freeport Maine | Heidi & Rick

With Heidi and Rick’s engagement session at Wolfe’s Neck Farm in Freeport, Maine, the old adage was true– the third time was the charm.  Our first scheduled session was rescheduled when Rick had an unfortunate encounter with his bathtub, which resulted in a black eye, and rain and gloomy skies threatened when our rescheduled session rolled around.  We almost rescheduled on our third date, but we decided to press forward, especially since the 50 degree weather was so delightfully mild for November.  We were still slightly drizzled upon for a short duration, but the grey, slightly foggy skies were a slice of classic coastal Maine that I’m always fond of.

I’ll share more about Heidi, Rick, and our time together below, but let’s get to the photos first!

southern-maine-engagement-portraits-h-r (30)

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I met Heidi and Rick at The Great Lost Bear in Portland, where I made the mistake of ordering what I believe was the messiest hamburger ever.  I felt rather self-conscious as I tried to eat without looking like a slob, but luckily Heidi and Rick didn’t judge me!

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When Rick proposed to Heidi, he presented her with a lovely family ring.  However, Rick wanted her to have something of her very own, so he purchased her a pair of Frye boots.  Yes, that’s the pair she’s wearing in these photos.  Yes, Rick is a fabulous fiancé.


wolfes-neck-wedding-photographer (1)

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freeport-maine-engagement-portraits-h-r (3)

I’ve never done a “tossing leaves into the air gleefully” sort of photo, but figured, with all the leaves we have at our disposal, that it was time.

southern-maine-engagement-portraits-h-r (1)


Although I love sun and blue skies, I’m such a sucker for grey, foggy skies and silver water– it provides for atmospheric photos that feel cozy and romantic.

freeport-maine-engagement-portraits-h-r (1)

southern-maine-engagement-portraits-h-r (2)

freeport-maine-engagement-portraits-h-r (4)


Rick really, really wanted to take some photos of him and Heidi riding his bike at the same time.  I wasn’t sure how he was going to pull it off, but naturally he did so easily and adorably.

wolfes-neck-engagement-portraits (3)

Blitz, their adorable and energetic nine year old pup, joined them for a few photos as we entered the Wolfe’s Neck woods state park.

wolfes-neck-wedding-photographer (2)

wolfes-neck-engagement-portraits (1)

This view makes me so happy that I live in Maine.

southern-maine-engagement-portraits-h-r (4)

wolfes-neck-engagement-portraits (2)

Heidi and Rick, I can’t wait for your wedding next September at the New England Outdoor Center in Millinocket, Maine– can’t wait to drink in views of Katadhin with you two as you say “I do” to one another!


Instagram Friday | Summer & Fall 2013

Hi all,

Remember when I used to do Instagram Friday fairly regularly?  I miss those days.  Although I adore wedding season, it’s an incredibly busy time where nonessential fun tasks, like Instagram Friday, fall to the wayside.  Now that wedding season is over and portrait season has slowed down (by the way– winter is one of my FAVORITE times of the year to do portraits!  More people should do engagement portraits in the snow!), I have time to share a little bit of what I’ve been up to in the last few months via the simplicity of Instagram.  Shall we?

Before we begin– are you following me on Instagram?  You can see more photos of mine if you do!

In September, I traveled to Boston, photographed Alfia and Leo’s lovely Boston vow renewal, and spent some time in the Boston public garden.

I took this photo during an evening walk in late summer, and loved how the lamp light added a little flare that looked rather retro.

I always love a great silhouette, and asked Tony to stay where he was so I could capture this simple silhouette.

There is nothing like a magical sunset, and these pinks and oranges that streaked the darkening blue sky didn’t disappoint.

In late September, during a free Saturday, I visited Baxter State Park with Tony, my parents, and my grandmother, a place I frequented as a child.  We stopped at the River Drivers Restaurant, which is part of the New England Outdoor Center wedding venue property, and found it to have some of the most amazing views I’ve ever seen at a Maine wedding venue.  I’m excited to have the opportunity to photograph a wedding here next year, because I already have awesome portrait ideas!

Although I’m not normally drawn to asphalt, I was drawn to the colors and the glossy quality of the rainwater on this leaf.

And last, but not least– during a drive, I came across this most spectacular blueberry field– yes, it was really that amazing shade of red!

Although I’m not especially a winter girl at heart, I AM looking forward to creating gorgeous, snowy Instagram photos soon, and you’ll definitely see some snowy portraits from me as well, provided we get a few good snowstorms!

Heidi - I LOVE the NEOC photos! So looking forward to our wedding there next September!