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Last weekend I spent an entire day following the Kangas family in western Maine to capture them, candidly, in their day to day activities (and to continue my personal work that I started at Foundation Workshop, which you can learn more about here).  They made waffles, ran around the house and local gym, laughed, broke down in tears when things didn’t go their way, danced with reckless abandon, and I couldn’t help but love capturing all of their honesty and love they exuded because the moments I was capturing were all the more dynamic because of it.  Thank you, Kangas family- here are a few of my favorites from our day together.

maine-documentary-family-photographer (3)

maine-day-in-the-life-photographer (2)maine-day-in-the-life-photographer (3)maine-day-in-the-life-photography (1)maine-day-in-the-life-photography (2)

maine-day-in-the-life-photography (3)

maine-day-in-the-life-family-sessions (1)
maine-day-in-the-life-family-sessions (2)maine-day-in-the-life-family-sessions (3)

maine-documentary-family-photography (1)

western-maine-day-in-the-life-family-sessions (1)

western-maine-day-in-the-life-family-sessions (3)

maine-documentary-family-photography (2)

maine-documentary-family-photography (3)

maine-documentary-family-photographer (1)maine-documentary-family-photographer (2)day-in-the-life-photographers-in-maine (1)day-in-the-life-photographers-in-maine (2)day-in-the-life-photographers-in-maine (3)
maine-day-in-the-life-photographers (1)

maine-day-in-the-life-photographers (3)

maine-day-in-the-life-photographers (2)

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family-photojournalism-photographer (3)

family-photojournalism-photographer (2)


I couldn’t believe it when I was contacted yesterday by Beth, the owner of Maine Wedding Company (currently under construction) and was told that Maleah and Vinnie’s John Peters Estate wedding had officially won the 2014 Maine Destination Wedding Photo and Video Contest (a now annual contest run by the Maine Wedding Company)! According to the website, the contest attracted more than 60 photographers and videographers, so competition was fierce.  I happened to know all of the other exceptionally talented photographers who were selected as finalists and the weddings they had submitted were gorgeous, so I felt very honored that Maleah and Vinnie’s wedding was even considered amongst their stunning work.

Although there was a voting component of the contest, it had no bearing on the final results, which were made by a team of judges located outside of Maine.

You can view the judges’ comments here.  Thank you, Maine Wedding Company, for this honor!  And, thank you, Maleah and Vinnie, for giving me the honor of photographing your wedding.  Not only were the details stunning, but you and your family were such a joy to capture and gave me so much to work with.  I’ll never forget your wedding!  Last, but not least, thanks are in order for my second shooter AND mom, Tammie, for helping to capture the wedding so well.