Spring is here in Maine

Oh, spring.  I am usually overjoyed when spring arrives every year, but after the insane winter we all experienced in the northeast, my excitement over the warmth and sun is a little more rabid in nature than usual.  I’m gleeful over how great the sun feels, how beautiful grass really is, and the flowers… oh, the flowers!  Thank goodness Maine has a beautiful spring to make up for the cold and all of the snow and ice we must suffer through!

I needed to check out a location for an upcoming session, so I brought along my second shooter (Tammie, also known as my mom!) so we could spend mother’s day together in the sun with our cameras amongst all of the flowers currently in bloom.  How lucky am I that I get to bond over photography with my mom?

The first shot is by her, and I’m jealous of it.


spring-in-maine (2)

spring-in-maine (3)

spring-in-maine (10)

maine-flowers-in-spring (1)maine-flower-photographer-kc (2)

These two are also by Tammie.


photography-in-spring-in-maine (1)maine-flowers-in-spring (3)maine-flower-photographer-kc (1)

photography-in-spring-in-maine (2)maine-flower-photographer-kc (3)

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