A small breather in an apple orchard

I really wanted to go apple picking because I hadn’t been in a few years.  Tony’s family owns an apple orchard, but we usually just pick up a few bags of apples from them because we’re both busy in the fall.  And while that’s been great, there’s something lovely about heading into an orchard and finding the perfect apples to bring home.  There’s nothing like climbing the ladders, enjoying the sweet apple scene that seems to be suspended in the air, and relaxing, because how can you not feel calm and refreshed in such an idyll?

So I insisted that if Tony and I did anything this fall, that we go apple picking.  Tony and I headed down to Littlefield Orchard on a quiet weekday, and I walked through the orchard, selected a few macs, and I sighed in relief.  Yes, that was just what I needed.

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