Ellsworth High School Maine Senior Portraits | Natashia

I often shoot at locations where I’ve worked at before, which is always nice because I know the best places to shoot and how to make that place work for the people I am shooting.  However, I always, always welcome new locations because it typically means the location holds a special place with my client(s) and it allows me to try new things with the environment and the light I am given.  I was excited when Natashia invited me to shoot at her house, which just happens to be on the ocean.  You heard right– this gal can look out from her living room, or step onto her amazing deck, and watch the sun set over the ocean every day.  And the ocean isn’t something distant to admire, but is literally only a few steps from the front door.  No wonder Natashia wanted to have her session at her house– there’s not many other places in Maine that are nearly as gorgeous as the property she lives on, and I’ve seen a lot of pristine places during my time as a wedding and portrait photographer.

Natashia, her grandparents, and her friend, Becca, were a lot of fun and coached Natashia into awesome expressions (although she was already a complete natural with a killer smile).  It turns out all it takes is mentioning Keith Urban’s name… right, Natashia? ;)

Here are a few of my favorite portraits from our session.  Natashia, it looks gorgeous out tonight– I hope you enjoy part of it out in your yard, which is where I wish I was tonight!

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