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  • Kate Crabtree is an award winning Maine documentary wedding photographer who creates exuberant wedding photography for couples who wear their hearts on their sleeves. Although she is located in Bangor, Maine (central Maine), she happily travels to coastal and southern Maine, and throughout New England to capture unique wedding photos and engagement portraits. She has been featured on Style Me Pretty, recently named as one of the top 50 wedding photographers in the United States by Weddzilla, and published in Maine Magazine, Seacoast Weddings, and Real Maine Weddings.

Annually, my 2016 best wedding photos blog post is my very favorites to create.  I love capturing moments, and it is so much fun for me to curate a blog post of my favorite wedding moments (and some wedding portraits as well).  I couldn’t help myself- I may have planned for this post to be a bit shorter, but I was having a hard time cutting any further, so let’s just consider all the extra photos as a celebration of sorts on the Kate Crabtree Photography blog of an incredible 2016.

Tammie and I traveled all over the state this year for some incredible events- we photographed several weddings in the general Portland area, experienced beautiful coastal nuptials on MDI , Peaks Island, Phippsburg, and Castine, spent a day on an exquisite private property in Brooklin, enjoyed a stunning view overlooking Penobscot Bay in Northport, ate some of the finest food in Maine in Rockland, and enjoyed the beginning of peak foliage on Lake Parlin.  These locations were all uniquely beautiful backdrops that were such a joy to create images against.

Not only did we travel to cool locations, but we had some grand adventures.  We photographed a first dance that included fire at twilight (can you really beat that?).  I, along with one of my couples, received an unexpected ride in a park ranger car and we enjoyed being the only people on Cadillac Mountain- a rare feat in the summer.  There was dancing in the rain, costumes on the dance floor, juggling, giant beach balls, a butterfly release, achingly gorgeous songs performed by friends, an elopement on a mountaintop.. and more, if you can even imagine.

But, most importantly, my year was incredible because my couples, their friends, and their families let me into their lives.  They let me get close to them as they laughed, cried, and performed hilarious and inebriated dance moves.  They are the reason why my year was so special, and my heart feels larger to have gotten to know them and spend time with them on such a big day in their lives.

Before I get even more sappy, let me share the photos I agonizingly picked for the blog post.  These photos represent what I’m drawn to- clean compositions, beautiful light, candid moments and emotion, and striking Maine backdrops.  Enjoy!

best-bar-harbor-wedding-photography (7)

best-maine-documentary-wedding-photography (7)

best-castine-maine-wedding-photographer (2)

point-lookout-wedding-photographers (2)

wedding-photographers-in-bar-harbor-maine (4)

pineland-farms-wedding-photographer (1)

emotional-maine-wedding-photography (3)

point-lookout-wedding-photographers (5)

dramatic-maine-wedding-photos (1)

maine-wedding-photojournalist (8)

best-bar-harbor-wedding-photography (3)

emotional-maine-wedding-photography (2)

photographers-on-peaks-island-maine (3)

brooklin-maine-wedding-photography (6)

best-bar-harbor-wedding-photography (6)

best-maine-documentary-wedding-photography (4)

best-portland-wedding-photography (1)

maine-wedding-photojournalist (6)

best-maine-documentary-wedding-photography (1)

best-maine-documentary-wedding-photography (6)

peaks-island-maine-wedding-photographer (6)

best-bar-harbor-wedding-photography (1)

scenic-maine-wedding-portraits (1)

best-castine-maine-wedding-photographer (4)

western-maine-wedding-photographers (1)

maine-wedding-photojournalist (5)

best-portland-wedding-photography (4)

best-portland-wedding-photography (5)

brooklin-maine-wedding-photography (5)

maine-wedding-photojournalist (4)

pineland-farms-wedding-photographer (2)photographers-on-peaks-island-maine (2)

best-bar-harbor-wedding-photography (4)

best-castine-maine-wedding-photographer (6)

maine-wedding-photojournalist (2)

emotional-maine-wedding-photography (1)

brooklin-maine-wedding-photography (4)

point-lookout-wedding-photographers (3)

best-castine-maine-wedding-photographer (3)

wedding-photographers-in-bar-harbor-maine (1)


wedding-photographers-in-bar-harbor-maine (5)

peaks-island-maine-wedding-photographer (2)

maine-wedding-photojournalist (7)

wedding-photographers-in-bar-harbor-maine (8)

point-lookout-wedding-photographers (1)

brooklin-maine-wedding-photography (3)


best-candid-maine-wedding-photography (1)

brooklin-maine-wedding-photography (2)

best-portland-wedding-photography (7)

best-castine-maine-wedding-photographer (1)

photographers-on-peaks-island-maine (5)

best-portland-wedding-photography (2)

photographers-on-peaks-island-maine (1)

point-lookout-wedding-photographers (4)scenic-maine-wedding-portraits (2)

wedding-photographers-in-bar-harbor-maine (9)

emotional-maine-wedding-photography (4)

peaks-island-maine-wedding-photographer (3)

emotional-maine-wedding-photography (6)

peaks-island-maine-wedding-photographer (4)

brooklin-maine-wedding-photography (1)

best-maine-documentary-wedding-photography (5)

emotional-maine-wedding-photography (5)

portland-maine-wedding-reception (2)

maine-wedding-photojournalist (1)western-maine-wedding-photographers (2)dramatic-maine-wedding-photos (4)wedding-photographers-in-bar-harbor-maine (2)


pineland-farms-wedding-photographer (3)wedding-photographers-in-bar-harbor-maine (3)maine-wedding-photojournalist (3)western-maine-wedding-photographers (3)

best-bar-harbor-wedding-photography (5)

best-bar-harbor-wedding-photography (2)


wedding-photographers-in-bar-harbor-maine (7)

peaks-island-maine-wedding-photographer (5)best-candid-maine-wedding-photography (2)portland-maine-wedding-reception (1)best-maine-documentary-wedding-photography (3)


At the end of each year I create two blog posts that always end up being my favorites- my favorite portraits of the year, and my favorite wedding photos of the year.  I take my time going through each session and wedding I photographed, narrowing down the thousands of photos I created and delivered to a handful of favorites that I’ve produced over the year.  It’s incredibly hard to do, but it’s rewarding to revisit the photos, remember how fun each photo adventure was, and to remember the people who entered my life and warmed my heart.  Each and every person I photograph is beautiful inside and out, and I really enjoy finding ways to show the special elements I see in each person in the photos I create.

From Cape Elizabeth, to Camden, to Acadia National Park, Blue Hill, Portland, and Stockton Springs, I traveled all over the state of Maine to create these portraits.  No matter if I was faced with sun, or clouds, or even rain, it was a pleasure to create photos that not only celebrated my subjects, but also the wild and striking landscape of Maine.  So many of my couples and clients live out of state, so showing them how jaw-droppingly beautiful the coast, the mountains, the lakes, and the woods can be is such a thrill.  I only wish they could all live here with me so we could visit these places together all the time.

So, without further ado, here are my favorite portraits that I took this year.  They include several engagement and couples sessions, a couple senior portrait sessions, a wedding stylized shoot, and a few photos of my husband Tony, just because.  The top wedding photos of 2016 post, which will arrive next week, will feature my favorite candid moments and portraits taken at weddings and elopements from this year, so make sure to not miss that one!

So.. enjoy!  And, a happy New Year’s to all- may your 2016 end on a bright, happy, and positive note, and may 2017 start out and continue on like gangbusters.  I’m looking forward to the next wedding and portrait season, that’s for sure- I don’t like to try and anticipate what will happen, but my interactions with my 2017 couples that have booked so far has only solidified my instincts that whatever may happen will be amazing.

Sunset engagement portrait in Cape Elizabeth Maine

Bridal Portraits taken at French

Engagement portraits taken at city hall in Portland, Maine

Sunset engagment portraits on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia

Dramatically lit portrait using off camera flash

Sunset engagement portrait in Camden Maine

Engagement portraits taken in Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park

Sunset engagment portraits on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia

Senior portrait taken in Acadia National Park

Portrait taken in Bar Harbor Maine

Sunset engagment portraits on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia

Bridal Portraits taken at French

Senior portrait taken in Blue Hill Maine

Sunset engagement portrait in Cape Elizabeth Maine

Sunset engagement portrait on Mount Battie in Camden Maine

Bridal Portraits taken at French

Sunset engagement portrait on Mount Battie in Camden Maine

 Engagement portraits taken in Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park

Sunset engagment portraits on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia

Senior portraits taken in Blue Hill, Maine

Sunset engagement portrait in Kettle Cove Cape Elizabeth Maine

Engagement portraits taken at city hall in Portland, Maine

Engagement portraits taken in Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park

Engagement portraits taken in Jordan Pond in Acadia National Park

Bridal Portraits taken at French

Sunset engagment portraits on Cadillac Mountain in AcadiaSunset engagement portrait in Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth MaineEngagment portraits at Sand Beach in AcadiaSenior Portraits at Jordan Pond in Acadia National ParkSunset Engagement Portraits at Mackworth Island in Maine